Andrew Yeo

Over the past 20 years, there has been unprecedented change requiring very specific approaches in the way people in organizations are led. This is the key to all change management activity and will underpin the on-going success of any enterprise in its pursuit of manufacturing excellence.

Andrew Yeo has energetically led manufacturing operations in the Aerospace sector in the UK (Rolls-Royce) and the US since 1989, most recently in the role of VP and Chief Operating Officer for a leading engineering company.

He has been recognized as a leader who is respected by the workforce and who has the ability to get things done with other people in an environment of teamwork. He has excelled in leadership positions where forward looking market analysis, and proven relationship management skills have been key to the cost effective and profitable operation of leading companies.

Career Highlights

Some highlights of Andrew’s career in change leadership and lean implementation include:

  • The youngest Cell Leader appointee as Rolls-Royce moved into cellular manufacturing.
  • Developed a manufacturing strategy within Rolls-Royce that led to a fundamental re-structuring of the manufacturing operations of the Company.
  • Reduced operating costs by 25% over a 5 year period by lean implementation within a leading aerospace company.
  • In the same time period demonstrated a 100% improvement in stock turn at the same time as driving customer satisfaction levels to an all time high.

Andrew brings a unique combination of passion and humor to the process of change management which many find refreshing….and fun! He achieves this by providing custom solutions that are very specific to the needs of your organization through consultation, training and development. The overall goal is to generate value that yields rapid returns on investment.

Delta Concepts Approach

As an experienced operations leadership professional, Andrew is committed to engaging all employees in company success by creating an environment of leadership, team work, and involvement. He easily translates these skills to bring out the best in your product or service.

Specifically, he brings you experience and success in identifying and elevating performance in processes and people. This will help you define new industry benchmarks for quality, speed, and productivity through the application of lean principles in both an operations and administration.


  • Six Sigma Black Belt by February 2011