Change Leadership Consulting

Many organizations embark upon lean transformations and fail. There are two reasons for this:

  • There is an absence of senior executive commitment to the process
  • We insufficiently prepare the leadership and those being "led" in the process of change and how we navigate through it

Delta Concepts Approach to Change Leadership

Based on this understanding of why lead transformations fail, Delta Concepts has developed an approach wherein 1) all of the organizational leaders are educated in the process of change, and 2) our solutions are customized for the culture of the organization, as no two organizations are alike. This will navigate through the fundamentals of leadership right through effective change models to the development of an implementation plan for change.

Who Would Benefit?

Any company undergoing change; be it an ERP implementation, lean deployment, or changes to the culture of an organization to break old norms, behaviors and rituals.

Delta Concepts has a proven track record for developing leaders within organization to have the appropriate skills to navigate through change in whatever form it may take. Our engagements can vary in length from 2-4 weeks up to 18 months dependent upon the organizational need and issues pertinent to the organization in transition. We work with leadership teams and individuals alike. Our key principle as an organization is that you will only sustain change thought your people.

Change Leadership Services

Leadership 101
An introduction to the world of leadership.

Leading Change
Gain trust, commitment and alignment through a clearly communicated vision and demonstrated values and behaviors.

The expectations placed upon leaders in this new world is also different and Delta Concepts has programs that prepare leaders for this re-enforcing the expected rules, norms and behaviors that accompany a truly "lean" organization, again providing another tie back to the organizational culture we strive to create…

Lean Leadership
Implement robust process changes that minimize waste in support of the organizational vision.

  • Lean Culture
  • Subordinate Leadership
  • Lean Organizational Structure
  • Leader Standard Work
  • The "Gemba" Walk
  • A3 Reporting Process
  • Project Management

Coaching, Training and Education
We offer custom programs geared towards the specific needs of Leaders or Leadership teams and these initially take the form of face to face interactions and can transition to ‘on-line" support.

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